Check Point Software Technologies

Check Point Software Technologies monitors visitors with LogiTag’s active RFID technological solutions

The challenge
Check Point Software Technologies is a leader in developing customized Internet security systems (for example, firewalls, VPNs). The company goes “beyond technology” and defines “security as a business process.” They pioneered the industry with FireWall-1 and patented stateful inspection technology. CheckPoint’s award-winning ZoneAlarm solutions protect millions of consumers from hackers, spyware and identity theft.

All Check Point’s clients place their trust in the company’s complete dedication to and discretion about the sensitive nature of the information they have at hand. As part of this commitment to security, the company has an access control system for monitoring visitors in its facilities.


The mission
To expand its access control system for protecting their facility and monitoring visitors in Check Point’s Tel Aviv offices.


The process
LogiTag integrated its active RFID technology with Check Point’s existing access control system, which was developed by Apollo Security Systems, a leader in access control systems.
LogiTag developed a custom monitoring solution for integrating into the Apollo access control system. Using the LogiTrack system, LogiTag met CheckPoint’s needs in different ways: 


  • The cloud- and Web-based system communicates with and aggregates information quickly and reliably, without any disruption to CheckPoint’s existing hardware infrastructure and network.
  • The sophisticated business rules engine allowed for application-specific customization, tracking each visitor, and generating alerts accordingly.
  • Built-in building and zone security maps were customized for CheckPoint.
  • On-screen, SMS, and e-mail alerts (depending on situation) were developed as part of the installation.
  • The browser-based system was available to designated users on different devices (at their desk or on their phone).


The product:
LogiTag developed and installed a complete LogiTrack system, combining traditional access control with cutting-edge active RFID technology. The system operates on frequencies of 433 MHz and 125 KHz.

LogiTag developed and supplied active RFID visitor tags that were programmed with visitor name and the relevant permitted zone(s). The application server managed all communication and data flow between the visitor’s tags and readers. Information from the tag-reader stations is analyzed with LogiTag software and transmitted to the Apollo control stations, which present alerts or messages as part of the HMI at the control desk.


The results:

  • Highly scalable: easily adapts and updates to changing needs, locations, and requirements
  • Extremely versatile: wide range of applications connect to and utilize the same infrastructure
  • Easy installation and deployment
  • Greater peace of mind for CEOs and managers


Department managers know exactly where visitors are at all times, which gives them peace of mind and confidence that visitors are not wandering around the facility. They can see high-resolution location information from LogiTrack’s custom security maps and receive real-teime alerts if a visitor strays away from or out of permitted areas.
Displays and alerts are all delivered in LogiTrack’s highly intuitive, responsive interface (tablet, mobile, desktop).

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