Samsung Israel

Samsung Israel R&D uses active RFID solution to protect its center’s laptops

The challenge
Samsung is a multinational technology company with diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more. The company has several R&D centers, two of which are based in Israel and develop products for telecommunications, and semiconductor work as well as contributed to the Samsung cameras development.

Under a competitive environment, the centers were under tremendous pressure to secure its facilities – specifically the laptops containing highly qualified materials. One of the company’s requirements was for employees not to leave the premises with the laptops, but very difficult to implement.


The mission
Help Samsung Israeli R&D center secure 100 of their laptops, containing sensitive technological developments. Provide the company with peace of mind.


The process
Samsung initially examined several solutions available in the market, but unfortunately, these would not answer the exact requirements. They then turned to G4S and LogiTag, asking for a specific – tailor made system.
The first step was assessing Samsung’s needs, number of laptops, personnel working methods, existing security set-up…etc. G4S and LogiTag teams realized that tagging laptops is no simple matter, as the machines send radio frequency waves that interrupt the RFID technology. This challenge was overcome by the experts.

The second step was to install LogiTrack RFID Tags on 100 laptops, and set up a system to trigger the security under two circumstances:
1. Set off alarms if - laptops leave the Samsung premises
2. Set off the alerts - if any laptop tags are being tampered with


The results:
No lost laptops since
100% peace of mind, knowing each laptop never leave the premises
Scalable system, that can grow with Samsung’s growing needs to other portable devices
No interruption to existing hardware or software


The system enables Samsung to have peace of mind when it comes to their laptops, and the information stored and developed on them.
There hasn’t been one removal incident since LogiTag’s RFID tags were installed, of the 100 center’s laptops.

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