EP & Cath Labs

Automated Cath-Lab & EP Lab Devices Inventory Management System


  • Complete control over the entire cath-lab and EP lab devices inventoryeye cabinet small4
  • Eliminates stock-outs of critical supplies (stents, catheters, Defibrillators, balloons,Pacemaker/ICDs,Guidewires)
  • Eliminates manual counting
  • Enables full consignment
  • Provides complete online visibility
  • Simplifies planning of elective Cardiac procedures


Visibility of Cardiac Devices Inventory Anywhere, Anytime

Utilizing patent-protected RFID technology in combination with a point-of-use reporting, the SmartCabinet gives hospitals precise, real-time cath-lab and EP lab inventory management at the item level. LogiTag’s advanced cloud-based software gives the entire supply chain an accurate view of inventory levels, usage, and status of status of the entire cardiac devices.




How the SmartCabinet Works

The nurse opens SmartCabinet to remove an item (stents, catheters, Defibrillators, balloons,Pacemaker/ICDs,Guidewires) stored inside the cabinet. LogiTag software instantly records usage. Detailed and sortable reports accessible from any Web-enabled device itemize product, status (expired or about to expire), procedure, user, distributor, invoice, and more, giving materials management teams and others access to real-time information to adjust inventory levels and better manage costs.



RFID labels are placed on the Ophthalmic Device box, and the item’s barcode is scanned to “enroll” it into the system. Enrolled items are ready for placement in the SmartCabinet (an RFID tag identifies the user and unlocks the cabinet doors). Items are placed on the shelves; in modular shelving system fit for all sizes (small or large) and package shapes (long, short, wide, and thin). The cabinet doors are closed and the items are recorded and ready for use.


Advantages for Ophthalmic Devices Inventory Management

  • Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processes
  • Enables charge capture and consigned inventory
  • Reduces wastes, expired items, or stock-outs
  • Produces accurate inventory records in real time
  • Increases efficiencies and improves processes
  • Reduces financial investments in inventory
  • Suitable for sterile environments


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