LogiTrack - Infant Protection

Baby SenseNewborn Protection and Identification

LogiTag Systems provides a comprehensive solution for newborn protection and monitoring in hospitals to prevent unauthorized removal from the nursery or ward, placement in the wrong bassinet and mother-baby matching capabilities.


The infant protection solution is based on advanced RFID technology that can perform short and long range identification. It aims to provide peace of mind to mothers, nursery personnel, security officers and the hospital managment. 


How does it work?

Baby Tag - every newborn baby recieves a wristwatch tag warn around their ankle. The tag continously monitors the baby's movements, and can trigger alarms if removed.

LogiTrack Infrastructure - RFID infrastructure and antennas define the location and receive alerts

LogiTrack Cloud Server - Web-based software communicates with the monitoring system to collect data. The business rules engine tracks each tag and generates alerts




System benefits include

LogiTrack presents hospitals with an affordable hardware and software system to effectively track assets, patients and newborn infants.

  • Provides peace of mind to parents and caregivers
  • Triggers alarms if wristwatch is being tampered with
  • Automatic nursery door locks in case of unauthorised removal of baby
  • Matching capabilities eliminate newborns placed with the wrong parents or bassinetLogiTrack New lowres


LogiTrack is part of LogiTag's unified healthcare solution suite.


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