Wyoming Medical Center

Wyoming Medical Center installs StockBox in 14 supply rooms - across the entire facility.


90% annual maintenance cost reduction, after migrating to the new system

The challenge
Wyoming Medical Center is centrally located in Casper and has been serving its community since 1911, when it opened with just 35 patient beds. Today, the center covers over 700,000 square feet, with 150 physicians on staff and continues to grow.


Melissa Carpenter, Director of Material Management, and Kathy Humbracht, WMC Purchasing Manager, were looking for a solution to allow for a more efficient management of the supply room.


At the time, they were leasing an automated supply cabinet solution costing around $175,000 per year to maintain. These cabinets kept their supplies secure, but in order to even get to a low valued item, the nurses would have to first enter a keypad code and then scan the item to try to maintain a count. This slowed the staff down and due to the extra steps; the count was rarely kept up to date.


The mission

Improve the facility’s material management processes, save labor time and hospital funds.


The process
Kathy, Purchasing Manager, sent out an email asking if anyone had any suggestions on how to improve their material management processes. Improve Group’s Marshall Davis saw the request and spoke with Kathy about an approach that would combine Kanban with RFID, rather than the par level approach they were currently using. After a visit at the center, Marshall suggested a new materials management system from LogiTag. The system, called StockBox, together with Spacesaver’s FrameWRX system, could provide not only the physical storage but integrated software that would save time, which in the end, saves money.


Melissa and Kathy came to Improve Group’s Denver Office for a demonstration of cloud based StockBox and FrameWRX , assess the processes and policies - what was going well, and what wasn’t. The conversation was timely because Melissa was getting ready to lose her weekly counting person. She was facing a situation where she would only have someone count inventory for 4-6 hours on Saturdays. That person was going to have to count all 15 or so supply rooms, go back to the warehouse, and then return to each room to re-stock. After talking about the overall strategies, Improve Group then took her through how a combination of StockBox and FrameWRX would ease the process, and set that person up just to re-stock.


Initially, WMC decided to try the solution in one of their small ER supply rooms that held low value inventory items. Improve Group installed 285 primary bins and 285 secondary bins along with StockBox. The installation was so successful, that Wyoming Medical Center continued to install StockBoxes and FrameWRX in 15 more supply rooms throughout their facility. Today it is part of their daily strategy to spend less time looking for supplies, and more time caring for their patients


The results

  • Over 90% annual maintenance cost reduction
  • 50% eliminated counting labor
  • Zero stock-outs
  • Eliminated expired items and waste, with right-size inventory.
  • Real-time reports, accessible by hospital staff
  • Faster and easier access to supplies
  • More time for patient care



Over the next year, Wyoming Medical Center installed Cloud Based StockBoxes and FrameWRX in 15 more supply rooms throughout their facility, and today it is part of their daily strategy to spend less time looking for supplies and more time caring for their patients


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