Readymix Choses LogiTag

Readymix Choses LogiTag’s Active RFID Solution to Safeguard Employees


The leading producer and supplier of raw materials installed ‘LogiTrack’ RTLS solution, to first and foremost safeguard its employees working nearby forklifts, by alerting the vehicle’s driver and staff in case of safety distance breach close proximity   


June 09, 2015 – LogiTag Systems, a leading provider of RFID cloud-based technology for managing supplies, devices and equipment, announced today the selection of its active RFID solutions by Readymix Industries (Israel) Ltd. Group, Israel’s leading producer and supplier of raw materials for the Construction industry.  The solution is installed on the plant’s forklifts, and safeguards hundreds of staff and visitors from life-threatening accidents.  The plant is the first pilot location that employees over 150 staff operating approximately 30 forklifts.




Readymix manufacturing plant, part of CEMEX Enterprise, was facing several well-known industry challenges when it came to ensuring the safety of its employees, specifically with the forklift operations.  Despite tough standards, nearby worker were at risk of being struck or crushed by the vehicle as it weighs several thousand pounds. Forklifts are built differently from normal vehicles, with the front wheels static and back wheels capable of turning at 90 degree angels. Drivers relay on the mirrors to steer them while driving back, which in many cases is not enough, especially in a busy environment of production. Each forklift has an active reader and two antennas, while the staff wears an active RFID tag that supports a panic button. The hardware is capable of operating under tough environment conditions - water, dust, pressure washing, and intense vibrations. In addition, the solution can connect the alarm mechanism with the forklift’s breaks in order stop the vehicle’s movement as soon as a person is in close proximity to the vehicle.


“Readymix is dedicated to the safety and security of all employees, with zero tolerance for human injuries, which is why we turned to LogiTag,” Said Yonatan Scherzer, Health and Safety Manager, Readymix Industries (Israel) Ltd.  . “As a leader in the construction industry, we invest many resources in the production process which includes the finest materials, equipment, tools and employees. However, the work can extremely hazardous specifically working with and around forklifts. In order to avoid accidents we have training manuals, training, movies and even installed various safety mechanisms including reverse sensors. LogiTag’s solution proved to be absolutely reliable, quick to implement, and scalable to our growing size and application needs. I look forward to setting an innovative standard at further plants.”  


readymix safety


“We are very glad to have Readymix lay its trust with LogiTag’s solution when it comes to safety of people,” said Shlomo Matityaho, LogiTag’s CEO. “Our end-to-end solutions cater a wide range of market requirements, some in the healthcare arena, some in the enterprise, and many in the safety and security.  Our extensive experience enables us to adapt our solutions in a manner of hours or days to every requirement, especially when it comes to vital applications as in this situation. I look forward to continuing servicing Readymix, and other manufacturing plants in cross-plant requirements.”


About Readymix

Readymix Industries (Israel) Ltd. Group is part of  CEMEX Enterprise,  Israel’s leading producer and supplier of raw materials for the Construction industry. The company’s operations, located across the country, provides building solutions based on products and services which represent quality, excellence and reliability.

The Concrete Division of Readymix Industries (Israel) Ltd. numbers about 60 ready-mixed concrete and ready-mortar plants. The Aggregates Division – Lime & Stone Production Co. Ltd. – numbers 9 plants and quarries which produce aggregates, concrete blocks, and lime. The Infrastructure Division – Readymix Concrete Products (Israel) Ltd. – manufactures a wide range of products for infrastructure. Chemical admixtures for concrete – Chemocrete Ltd.  White cement in packs and bulks.


About LogiTag

LogiTag develops, manufactures, and markets intelligent, best-in-class RFID solutions and systems for tracking, monitoring, and managing inventory, assets, and people. LogiTag identified a growing need for advanced RFID technology with applications in healthcare, security, and enterprise. LogiTag’s founders drew on their extensive knowledge and deep understanding of RFID, software, operations, and logistics to develop modular, Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and comprehensive hardware/software suites that integrate smoothly into lean manufacturing and operations.


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