LogiTrack is installed and in use at dozens of banks, insurance and technology companies, galleries, hospitals and care facilities, and international companies

The LogiTrack benefits
LogiTrack gives you the highest level of asset management available today.

• Highly scalable: easily adapts and updates to changing needs, locations, and requirements 
• Extremely versatile: wide range of applications connect to and utilize the same infrastructure 
• Easy installation and deployment: minimal disruption to existing hardware and networks 
• Rapid ROI 
• Greater peace of mind for CEOs, managers, insurers, and caregivers

Real-time, continuous RFID tracking method to provide maximum security – for your security staff. Know if they completed their…
Visitors are coming in an out of your facility. We provide you with the ability to secure your company’s…
Entry and exists points are vital to the security of your facility. With advanced RFID technological solutions we provide…
Galleries, stores, and other high-value asset holders must protect their valuables at all times. We monitor, and alert security…
Medicine, food, and other temperature sensitive items must be monitored at all times. This includes at the production line,…


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LogiTrack’s customizable wireless RFID tags meet the exact requirement for diverse security applications.  
• Concealed tags
• Resident tags
• Staff tags 
• Low-profile tags
• In-vehicle tags
• Sensor tags

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