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The LogiTrack system components


• Concealed tags present an effective solution for tracking visitors.
• Resident tags provide real-time location information for people who wander.
• Staff tags offer staff duress functionality in distress situations and are designed specifically for security guards, nurses, and first responders.
• Low-profile tags for antitheft applications have integrated tamper and motion sensors and a buzzer for dual-alarm functionality.
• In-vehicle tags offer 100% readability — even at long ranges — for all vehicle types and in all weather conditions.
• Sensor tags have integrated sensors to monitor changes in temperature and humidity of blood and sensitive medications, regardless of the location (freezer, refrigerator, laboratory).
Web-based software communicates with the monitoring system to aggregate information quickly and reliably. A sophisticated business rules engine facilitates application-specific customization, tracks each tag and asset, and generates alerts. The intuitive, role-based interface serves a range of users: security personnel, dispatchers, homeowners, and caregivers.
• Custom building/zone maps with real-time location and alert displays
• Built-in engine generates on-screen, SMS, and e-mail alerts
• Seamless integration and communication with third-party security and access control systems
• SSL protocol • Browser-based, responsive GUI (desktop, tablet, mobile)
The advanced infrastructure is designed to enable high-resolution location information — with minimal hardware. LogiTrack's base station and locator units produce an independent RFID mesh network that contributes to rapid deployment and makes it an extremely low-maintenance system.
• ARM processor-based hardware
• Linux-based operating system with customizable firmware
• Long-range communication — up to 200 meters
• Minimal cabling and networking required


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LogiTrack’s customizable wireless RFID tags meet the exact requirement for diverse security applications.  
• Concealed tags
• Resident tags
• Staff tags 
• Low-profile tags
• In-vehicle tags
• Sensor tags

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