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LogiPlatform Cloud Server

Managing RFID devices, collecting information, point-of-use controlling data flow, and facilitating active reporting – all in real time

LogiPlatform from LogiTag is the versatile cloud server application that is one system to manage hospital supplies, devices, and equipment.

With full connectivity to all supply chain elements and seamless integration with hospital ERP systems, LogiPlatofrm provides an end-to-end solution for managing RFID devices, controlling data flow, and collecting usage information in real time.

LogiPlatform Solution - Cloud Server

For medical suppliers, LogiPlatform presents an accessible, easy-to-use application for managing devices and equipment, improving asset tracking and monitoring at all times.

Utilizing the .NET framework and Microsoft’s SQL Server, LogiPlatform employs secure communication protocols (and on-site gateway servers) to connect and interface with hospital and supplier existing ERP systems and clinical software for monitoring inventory activity, updating reports, and sending alerts or messages.


LogiPlatform’s SmartReporting active point-of-use solution helps track and manage inventory automatically.
A mobile ‘Reporting-Station’ facilitates immediate scanning of RFID/barcodes on any item once it has been consumed. The item is then associated with the procedure number and made available for materials manages on a real-time report.

• Complete control over high-value items
• Online management from any location
• Eliminated manual counting and waste
• Automated replenishment
• Reduced process time
• Integrated with billing, purchasing, and patient information

Multi Layer platform - Cloud Server

LogiPlatform is the heart of LogiTag’s unified healthcare solutions suite: SmartCabinetStockBox, and LogiTrack.

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