Device Management

High-cost medical inventory management 

  • Full consigned inventory
  • No manual counting
  • No expired items
  • Full device availability
  • Complete staff compliance

Managing expensive medical device such as balloons, catheters, implants, stents have a vital effect on hospitals, and ultimately the patients. Its availability, costs, expiration dates, and charge capture can mean the procedure will/not be performed as scheduled, or even will/not be billed for properly. Medical staff spends hours counting, ordering, recording – just to ensure patients receive premium treatment under tight hospital budgets.

LogiTag has developed a solution suite to manage high and mid-cost medical devices in any medical setting. It includes closed doors SmartCabinets as well as virtual management systems suitable for any existing storage solutions. Each medical device contains an RFID tag, attached to the box either at the vendor or medical center and holds its full ID.

Advantages of medical device manufacturers:

  • Accurate control over consigned inventory
  • Real-time inventory reports from any location
  • 100% information accuracy
  • Automatic connections to billing, ordering, and logistics
  • Increased sales

Your partner to increase revenue and reduce costs!

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