GE Healthcare chooses LogiTag

GE Healthcare chooses LogiTag RFID technology to track and manage vendor-managed inventory system
The challenge
GE is a global infrastructure, finance, and media company. One of its major divisions, GE Healthcare, turned to LogiTag to utilize the power of RFID technology in a transition to a more efficient Vendor-Managed-Inventory (VMI) system. GE Healthcare had a large warehouse set to assemble the various supplies brought in and out by medical device companies, which would later be delivered to hospitals across the country. The main problem was the inability of both GE and the medical suppliers to keep an accurate track of the inventory – where it’s at, who delivered it, when, or even where it was going. Clearly, this vital information had an impact on the financial records too. Visibility was critical also because of the far-flung location of the facilities.
The mission
Help GE and its suppliers monitor, track, and manage inventory levels in real time across its entire healthcare supply chain (multiple locations, dozens of users).
The process
LogiTag met with GE Healthcare material managers to assess their needs: learning about the types of products and packaging types, the number of locations, the warehouse size, and the types of users. LogiTag’s expert team installed an active RFID-enabled solution and included LogiTrack infrastructure, the LogiPlatform Server, its Logi smart controllers, and metal EPC Gen-2 tags, handheld readers. The information is available on LogiPlatform – a cloud-based system that collects usage information in real time, and available for all pre-approved parties to use.
The results:
  • Complete, real-time, reports on inventory levels;
  • Information access by all – GE Health and its suppliers

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