How to Create A Patient Centric Supply Chain: A Simple Guide for Hospitals


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Six practical steps you can start implementing in your organization.

Expanding patient-centric care in all areas of healthcare is not just an empty slogan. It's a commitment we make as healthcare professionals to better the lives of the people we treat.

Whether patients select a hospital of their choice or are directed to one through their HMO, they rightfully expect “the system” to provide superb treatment. Patients cannot be expected to distinguish between the services provided by the clinical team and the staff supporting them. If an error occurs, such as implanting expired stock, it does not matter to the patient whether the responsibility is with the supplier who did not update the stock on time, or the nurse who did not notice this, or the surgeon who did not bother to double-check. The hospital, as a whole, is guilty and will be held accountable.

According to an article written by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists:

Most patients judge the quality of their healthcare much like they rate an airplane flight. Criteria for judging an airline are personal and include aspects like comfort, efficient service and on-time schedules. Similarly, patients judge the standard of their healthcare on nontechnical aspects. Most are unable to evaluate the level of technical skill or quality of therapy, so the conditions they can assess — patient satisfaction and preserving health over time — become of the utmost importance.

This article lays out 6 steps that can immediately be adopted in your own organization to create a more patient-centric supply chain.


By: Shlomo Matityaho

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