How to stop ORs from BLEEDING MONEY with the use of AI sensors- LogiTag Medical for NHS 

LogiTag Medical Webinar for NHS Healthcare Strategy Forum

Thank you to all attendees who joined my web-session last week at the Healthcare Strategy Forum virtual event organized by NHS.

LogiTag Medical was asked to show how advanced sensors powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can help hospitals to capture lost revenue resulting from poor data collecting of consumption reporting in operating and procedural rooms.
In the next video, you can find answers to questions that interest everyone who leads the business side of the hospital: Do you know the actual cost of a single surgery? Are you spending money on purchasing and maintaining expensive inventory on-hand? Can you guarantee that no expired item has been used?

Watch how Snap & Go charge-capture automation frees the medical staff from time-consuming administrative tests and regains lost profits.

These virtual sessions took place on Chat'em platform which was designed exclusively for senior leaders within the public sector, in partnership with NHS. The platform also offered additional digital networking opportunities such as virtual one-to-ones and group discussions.

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