IGUDAN uses RFID access control

Large urban municipal association in Israel uses LogiTag access control system for waste transfer station

The Challenge

iGUIDAN (Dan Region Association of Towns) operates one of the largest waste transfer stations in Israel. It receives, manages, and processes solid waste from 14 local townships in Israel’s densely populated Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

One of the region’s largest landfill sites was closed due to environmental reasons. Since its closing, 2,700 tons of waste needs to be trucked 100 kilometers (~60 miles) south to a new municipal solid waste landfill.

The challenge

To identify and load each truck (coming from different cities in the Dan region) at the old site and then again when unloading at the new site.

The Process

iGUIDAN wanted to map out the truck routes, to receive reports about the activity, and to understand LogiTag’s online platform (who has access, who receives reports).

LogiTag consulted with the Dan region city managers to learn about the routes, the number of trucks, drivers for each company and each truck, the timeframe, and other general project guidelines.

LogiTag presented iGUIDAN with a comprehensive plan for managing the entire process of access control for waste management, including customizing LogiGate’s built-in route maps for tracking truck movement and access and designing intuitive, easy-to-read reports based on iGUIDAN’s needs.

The Product

LogiTag’s LogiGate RFID reader-based system controlled and managed all the trucks coming in and out of the waste transfer station.

LogiGate combined state-of-the-art RFID and IT solution with automated and optimized processes in the waste-management for much better control.

LogiTag provides Hiriya (waste center) with a complete solution that includes active RFID readers, antennas, and tags. The RFID technology enabled an automatic recording of trucks entering and exiting the transfer station including weight and other information needed.

The Result

  • The number of human errors was reduced during collection, weighing, and billing. (Trucks, drivers, and loads were accurately identified the weighing process was completely automated.)
  • Greater cooperation between iGUDAN and various subcontractors providing collection services.
  • Site managers had much better access to information.

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