Infant Protection

Tracking and securing infants as they move between rooms and caregivers, receive vaccinations, and fed.

LogiTrack Infant Protection is a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) for accurate monitoring, secure, and triggering of events based on location and status. It provides a comprehensive solution for newborn protection and monitoring in hospitals to prevent unauthorized removal from the nursery or ward, placement in the wrong bassinet and mother-baby matching capabilities.

Infant Protection - Infant Protection

New-born Protection and Identification

Baby Tag:  Every newborn baby receives a wristwatch tag warn around their ankle. The tag continuously monitors the baby's movements, and can trigger alarms if removed. LogiTrack Infrastructure: RFID infrastructure and antennas define the location and receive alerts LogiTrack Cloud Server: Web-based software communicates with the monitoring system to collect data. The business rules engine tracks each tag and generates alerts

The healthcare systems benefits:

• Safety and security of newborn and staff
• Peace of mind to parents and caregivers
• Alarms triggers if wristwatch is being tampered with
• Eliminates the possibility of unauthorized exists
• Eliminates the possibility of newborn handed to the wrong parent through matching capabilities

LogiTrack is a uniquely scalable solution that does not interfere with existing wireless networks while providing the lowest total cost of ownership.

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