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With full connectivity to all supply chain elements and seamless integration with hospital ERP systems, LogiPlatform software provides an end-to-end solution for managing all types of inventory. This includes controlling data flow, collecting usage information in real time and generating highly intelligent insights. The software eliminates wastes and inefficiencies by quickly detecting faults and solving issues automatically.

LogiPlatform updates supplier/hospital reports as well as the patient record in real time, and sends alerts or messages to automatically replenish inventory.

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   Expired items and stock-outs

LogiPlatform is the heart of LogiTag’s unified healthcare solutions suite, powering the Smart Cabinet, Secured Medication Cabinet, Snap & Go and Kanban solutions

Automates sending e-mail reports and alerts about usage to managers, nursing, administrative, and warehouse staff

  • Achieves high availability using main data center and disaster recovery site
  • Updates automatically using Web- and browser-based software
  • Always updated, without installations or downloads
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Employing the safest cloud-based technology, LogiPlatform delivers a high level of patient privacy and selective access to modules and reports

LogiPlatform employs secure communication protocols (and on-site gateway servers) to connect and interface with the hospital's/supplier's existing ERP systems and clinical software.

  • Security – SSL, encrypted database, password renewal policy
  • Can be installed at customer site for increased security
  • Complies with Health Level Seven (HL7) protocol and CFR Title 21 Part 11 guidelines of the FDA

LogiPlatform's open architecture enables comprehensive interface to all medical systems

  • Simple interface and easy, same-day installment of the complete system, requiring no infrastructure as it easily connects to a mobile network
  • Aggregates information from hybrid networks (hospital LAN/WiFi, cellular data networks) to create optimization and analysis reports.
  • Accessible from any browser platform
  • Supports international standards for uniform coding of products (GS1, EPCIS, GTIN).
  • Connects to existing infrastructure, clinical software applications, and ERP systems (Lawson, McKesson, Meditech, Oracle, SAP, and others)
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Smart Reporting Station - Complete Control over High-Value Items
  • Immediate scanning of RFID tags/barcodes on any item once it has been consumed
  • Automated association with the procedure number, made available for materials managers in a real-time report
  • Online management from any location
  • Automatic counting and replenishment orders (eliminating manual counting, stock-outs and waste)
  • Reduced process time in comparison to manual reporting or non-dedicated ERP software

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