Scan & Restock App

Mobile app solution for ordering and monitoring medical supplies
The Scan & Restock app is designed for the way people work today. Medical teams can access the LogiPlatform cloud-based software from any place and multiple devices to manage inventory ordering and replenishment of medical supplies.
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Use your mobile to trigger an order, send messages and confirm order status



  • Provides 40% one-time reduction in supply room inventory
  • Ensures accurate consignment
  • No emergency orders – zero stock-outs


  • Easy identification of products via app
  • Send instant order and add recipients
  • Get updates on the status of your order anytime, anywhere


  • Hardware-free solution
  • Reduces human errors caused by manual counting
  • Supports different types of storage areas, including "two-bin" lean Kanban configuration and PAR level
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On-the-go management software

24/7 customer support!
Remote & instant updates on replenishment status for each party involved
Web-based system
Interfaced with RFID technology
Supports multi-lingual operation
Email & SMS alerts to system administrators
Automated reports by email to customer’s admins
Aggregates information from hybrid networks (hospital, LAN/WiFi, cellular data networks)
Suitable for any android device that supports NFC
Works using GPRS and WiFi

Scan & Re-order – it’s that simple!

Login to the application – Enter username and password.

After scanning the tag, the server seeks for the associated item.

A "Menu" screen displays a few options: Make an order, order status, etc. Orders are visible to the entire supply chain.

Add a textual message and/or add recipients if desirable.

Ability to report "out of stock" on the rare occasion of stock-out and trigger a high-priority delivery.

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