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Manufacturers and OEMs spend valuable time and resources to create devices and consumables that work flawlessly with one another. The result is a tuned system, aimed to provide optimum performances for the customer and maximize revenue for the Manufacturer over the life cycle of the system. Once the device ships, however, Manufactures lose control of what consumables get used. End-users both knowingly and unknowingly compromise product reliability and jeopardize the Manufacturer's recurring revenue and cost structure through the use of unauthorized consumables or the improper use of authorizes consumables.

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RFID Based Solutions

Embedded RFID allows product manufacturers to control which consumables are placed inside their products, and manage how they are used. Manufacturers can now embed RFID reader modules seamlessly into virtually any device and control the point of use by reading tagged consumables and authenticating their identity, type, and usage policy. How the Solution Works: LogiTag's RFID Smart Device solution is comprised of a LogiTag RFID reader and antenna module embedded inside of a machine or device and RFID tags placed on consumables, disposables, or replacement parts. When one of these items gets placed inside or near the machine, the LogiTag Module embedded in the machine reads the RFID tag and applies an authentication policy (previously defined during tag / reader provisioning) to determine acceptability based on criteria such as brand model, serial number, placement, orientation and physical characteristics (age, wear, temperature, etc). The results of the authentication process tell the machine whether or not the tagged item is usable and how to properly use the item


Product Reliability

Improve reliability by ensuring products only interact with acceptable consumables/disposables matching manufacturer, type, age, origin, and other manufacturer definable criteria.

Revenue Preservation
Recurring sales from consumables/disposables can be a vital source of revenue for manufacturers – LogiTag's solutions ensure that only manufacturer – sanctioned consumables/disposables that are used with the product.

Brand Enhancement
Increase brand equity with customers by optimizing how the device gets used

Cost Reduction
Ensure proper device and consumable usage eliminating unnecessary support calls and expensive (RMAs).

Usage Insights
Collect data about device and consumables usage in order to understand demand and usage patterns.

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