We collaborate with leading healthcare and security companies around the globe to develop, design, and distribute advanced RFID products and systems.

We take an active role and work closely to learn about and understand our partners’ exact requirements to develop the systems and products to meet their needs.

As an accredited Microsoft Certified Partner, our LogiTag platform software is developed in accordance with Microsoft standards and requirements.

LogiTag is a proud member of IBM's Global Technology Unit (GTU). All our products are promoted through IBM’s global sales and marketing channels.

promedeo - Partners

Promedeo provides advanced supply chain services for the hospital community.

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About SCAN MODUL   We believe that we have proved the value of building knowledge into our products. When…

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Gateway’s bar code and RFID capabilities are ideally suited for companies who are transitioning from a manual data collection…

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Improve Group has been improving the productivity of healthcare organizations for over 30 years.  We believe that…

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Specializing in innovative storage solutions to optimize hospital floor space and enhance productivity. Other areas of expertise are…

Promedica Bioelectronics Italy - Partners

For over 12 years, Promedica Bioelectronics (headquartered in Rome) has marketed and managed high-technology solutions in healthcare, including RIS-PACS…

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