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We believe that we have proved the value of building knowledge into our products. When opting for Scan Modul, we offer our customers not only the markets most flexible and innovative storage and transport solution, but also a genuine partnership built on close relations and years of international experience.

SCAN MODUL, founded 1912, provides more than 2.000 hospitals and long-term care organizations worldwide with enterprise solutions that transform transport and storage functions into an efficient logistics and management system. As founder of the ISO Modular System (in the meantime a worldwide standard) SCAN MODUL is market leader in organizing in-house logistics processes. Our vast experience in working with supply chain management has also led to the development of a comprehensive software application that ensures full IT integration within the supply chain. These solutions are complemented by consulting and training as well as implementation and integration services. By adding intelligent partner solutions to the wide base product range we enable customers to achieve organizational excellence and premium care in four major areas: Supply Chain and Asset Management, Patient, Staff and Visitor Flow, Environmental Monitoring, Clinical Operations and Workflow.

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