3D and Industrial Printers

Embedded RFID readers and tags for 3D and Industrial Printers


LogiTag-Inside RFID solutions provide end-to-end service and technology — with embedded RFID readers and encrypted tags — ensure that products are used as originally intended.
Today 3D and industrial printer's manufacturers rely on original consumable containers to insure print quality, as well as a constant revenue stream. The primary challenge is to choose the most secure and cost-effective tag solution. RFID technology is both reliable and affordable. With decades of experience building OEM solutions and proven expertise in RFID technologies, including HF, LF, UHF and active RFID, LogiTag has the best solution for your business.
LogiTag engineering capabilities include antenna design, reader development and unique application of RFID tag development and manufacturing.
With LogiTag-Inside you can rest assured that your devices are performing at their peak.

With LogiTag-Inside prevents

  • Overuse of containers beyond the manufacturer’s recommended reuse protocols
  • Use of non-original consumables
  • Prevent device malfunction as a result of using non-original consumables
  • Incorrect use of containers by automatically identifying the consumable type

With LogiTag-Inside your company enjoys

  • Short time to market
  • Low total technology cost-of-ownership
  • Freedom to focus on your core technology and business
  • Reduced production costs
  • Increased revenue potential by monitoring containers and offering pro-active suggestions to your customers
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