ReStock Tag

ReStock Tag

Digital inventory management system for medical supplies

The patent protected ReStock Tag provides materials managers with a simple, highly efficient method to automate inventory management and reordering of medical supplies in any healthcare setting.

The ReStock Tag combines a two-bin lean Kanban configuration with advanced RFID technology and proprietary cloud-based software to collect reordering information from RFID-enabled tags, to run regular restocking reports, or to send automated restocking requests as they occur to the hospital ERP systems.

ReStock Tag Low Res - ReStock Tag
ReOrder & ReStock - at a click of a button...
ReStock Tag Infographics - ReStock Tag

The healthcare system benefits

ReStock Tags present hospitals with an affordable system to effectively automate and optimize management of high-access, low-cost medical supplies
• Provides ~40 % one-time reduction in supply room inventory
• Eliminates manual counting & stock-outs
• Reduces waste with right-size inventory
• Improves availability of supplies
• Eliminates cards, stickers, or printers
• Reduces Management costs

• Updates with a click of a button
• Digital, real-time order status display
• Automatic identification of the staff
• Monitors room temperature and humidity
• Fits any storage at the hospital
• Adapts to all supply changes

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