Restock Tag

Push-button inventory management system for medical supplies
Restock Tag is a simple, highly efficient method to automate inventory management and re-order medical supplies in any healthcare setting. It provides materials managers with easy replenishment that is automatically documented.

Patent-protected, Restock Tag combines with LogiPlatform cloud-based software to create an optimal solution for supply chain management.

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Rapid & easy replenishment using active RFID technology

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  • Provides 40 % one-time reduction in supply room inventory
  • Ensures accurate consignment
  • No emergency orders – zero stock-outs or expired items
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  • Online accurate inventory information management system
  • Replenishes with a click of a button
  • Order status display
  • Automatic identification of the staff
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  • Reduces human error caused by manual counting
  • Supports different types of storage areas, including "two-bin" lean Kanban configuration and PAR level
  • Eliminates the need for cards, stickers, or printers

Reduce complexity, lower costs, and speed up your lean management performance using LogiPlatform management software

  • 24/7 customer support!
  • Remote & instant updates on replenishment status for each party involved
  • Web-based system
  • Interfaced with barcode, RFID, Smart-Cabinet Hardware
  • Supports multilingual operation
  • Email & SMS alerts to system administrators
  • Fully integrates with existing ERP databases (Lawson, McKesson, Meditech, Oracle, SAP, and others)
  • No operating system, only SaaS connected through simple coding.
  • On-site inventory count – optimization and analysis reports
  • 'Incorrect items' report and 'Item return requests' report
  • Aggregates information from hybrid networks (hospital, LAN/WiFi, cellular data networks)
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Improves availability of supplies with a click of a button

The Restock Tag is attached to the Bins in the supply room.

Products are taken first from the primary bin.

Once the primary bin is empty a re-order is triggered by pressing the Restock button, creating a requisition order at the hospital or supplier ordering system.

The system shows the status of the order directly on the display and provides alternative locations of the same item until the replenishment is complete.

The material management employee reports replenishment completion on the Restock Tag, which wirelessly updates the ordering system.

On the rare occasion of stock-out, clinicians can trigger a high-priority order by pressing the ‘Out of Stock’ (OOS) button.

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