RFID Smart Cabinet

Comprehensive digital solution for managing valuable medical devices and consignment stock
The only full solution on the market that allows:
- Complete management for each item, including implants
- A direct link between manufacturer`s warehouses and point of use
- 98% Charge Capture
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Based on the new generation of RFID technology, the Smart Cabinet tracks all types of items regardless of their size and positioning.

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Cost- effective

  • 100% ROI through inventory optimization
  • 48% reduction of staff time spent on administrative tasks
  • 30% reduction in on-hand inventory
  • Eliminates stock-outs and expired items
  • Ensures accurate consignment
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  • Real-time consumption automatic reporting
  • Automatic connections to billing, ordering and logistics
  • Immediate identification of procedure and consumed item
  • Eliminates human and administrative errors
  • No need for manual intervention
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  • Increased control over usage recording and staff
  • Enables suppliers to actively monitor and provide feedback on their remote consignment inventory
  • Worldwide database for updating and maintaining Item Master
  • Easy-to-understand analysis reports

Designed to be the optimal method of communicating through the entire supply chain

  • Reporting station can be installed conveniently on any device near the point of use. No need for a screen mounted on the cabinet.
  • Suitable for a large quantity of products, especially implants.
  • Items can be placed at any angle
  • Reports which item was added/taken and by whom
  • Complies with EPCIS Standards (GTIN is a serialized version of the GS1 Global Trade Item Number and used for medical devices)
  • When inventory runs low, an automatic order is sent to the supplier
  • Customized designs based on the needs and characterization of the department
  • Made with anti-bacterial materials
  • Restricted access to authorized staff only
  • No leakage of RF transmutation
  • 8 antennae in each cabinet to ensure accuracy
  • Medical Grade, UL, FCC certification
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Generate insights using LogiPlatform cloud-web server

  • 24/7 custumer support!
  • User-friendly interface and easy reporting process
  • Highly secured software
  • Fully integrates with existing ERP databases (Lawson, McKesson, Meditech, Oracle, SAP, and others)
  • No operating system, only SaaS connected through simple coding.
  • 'Incorrect items' report
  • On-site inventory count
  • Item return requests
  • Aggregates information from hybrid networks (hospital, LAN/WiFi, cellular data networks).

We simplify the way hospitals control medical devices and streamlines workload

Each item is marked with an RFID tag.

Item’s barcode is scanned to “enroll” it into the system and the item is placed in the Smart Cabinet.

Nurse takes out an item triggering an automatic report that is sent to the supplier. Returning an item also triggers a report.

Nurse reports item usage via LogiPlatform using Smart reporting station.

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