LogiTag improves efficiency, control, and processes to support lean management

When your products leave the manufacturing plant, it’s critical they are used in the way you intended.
LogiTag’s custom -- and customizable -- turnkey RFID solutions for enterprise and OEM presents the adaptable solution that gives you control over your processes and assets for greater accuracy, improved productivity and better optimization of your business. LogiTag's flexible RFID hardware-software suite tracks valuable assets and personnel, monitors locations, traces production steps, follows and measures usage, and monitors environmental conditions (temperature, humidity).
The advanced LogiTag system integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure without any disruption to location, facilities or schedules.

Comprehensive services meet the demands of lean operations
LogiTag’s experts work with you to develop a customized RFID system to meet your procedural or operational challenges. The advanced LogiTag system integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure without any disruption to location, facilities or schedules.

Our advanced RFID components and a wide range of tags and equipment support diverse industry sectors and processes from the simple to the complex. Our LogiPlatform cloud server application aggregates and manages data from all system components, regardless of existing technology or geographic location. Built-in, custom reports are presented in a highly user-friendly interface for more informed decision-making. The dynamic reports can be accessed from any Web-enabled device (computer, smartphone, tablet) for real-time updates about assets, processes, equipment, or personnel.

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LogiTag benefits the enterprise and the OEM
 Creating visibility: Access real-time data, through automatic tracking, for improved decisions
• Optimizing processes: Track processes for improved productivity while moving from manual to automated systems and eliminating human error

• Increasing revenues: Standardize invoicing; track and monitor shipments (time of departure/arrival, shipment
duration) to maintain recurring revenue streams from disposables or replacement parts
• Meeting market needs: Collect data from installed units to understand demand and usage patterns
• Reducing costs: Eliminate need for subcontractors or outside audits due to standardized, dynamic, and point-of-sale
• Protecting the brand: Maintain a reputation for quality (authentication of original parts for better warranty management), and access updated reports 365/7/24 to improve customer support and increase customer satisfaction.

LogiTag meets the needs of diverse industries:

• Cosmetics
• Food
• Healthcare
• Military & Defense
• Oil and gas
• Pharmaceuticals
• Printing
• Retail
• Dental
• Agriculture
• Chemical
• Electronics
• Technology
• Automotive
• Smart City
• Manufacturing

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