Managing high-access, low-cost medical supplies StockBox™ for Healthcare

StockBox - StockBoxThe LogiTag StockBox utilizes RFID technology to provide a simple method for automating inventory management in any hospital department or patient care area. It presents one of the most efficient system for reordering medical supplies in locations where efficient stock management is critical such as pharmacies and supply rooms. With its very small footprint, StockBox can be installed without the need for specialized cabinets or shelving.

Patent protected StockBox combines a popular two-bin lean Kanban configuration with cloud-based software to collect reordering information from RFID-enabled stock cards, to run regular restocking reports, or to send automated restocking requests as they occur to hospital ERP systems, for an up to 50{bc6e55e4b0bffbcf4761d2a6a971db6fee002bd763d84d2a686bba8ad2cb84d4} reduction in inventory levels.

Most importantly, StockBox eliminates manual counting and saves valuable staff time.

Restocking with StockBox

StockBox sketch - StockBox

Items are used as needed. When the quantity in the primary bin are used, the item has reached its restocking point. The RFID-enabled StockCard card is pulled from the cardholder on the front of the bin and dropped in StockBox. A Restocking in Process card remains on the front of the bin.

Dropping the StockCard in StockBox triggers and sends an electronic notification — including the item quantity and location — to the materials manager or team.

When restocking is in the process, there is enough stock in a secondary bin for routine use. (Items in the secondary bin are moved to the primary bin.) Items are picked in central supply, distributed, and restocked as required. New stock is placed in the secondary bin.

The materials management team opens StockBox to retrieve the StockCards, presses the Restock button, and passes the StockCards over the control panel to update the database. When replenishment is completed, the StockCards are returned to their respective cardholders.

The StockBox Advantages

  • Provides ~50{bc6e55e4b0bffbcf4761d2a6a971db6fee002bd763d84d2a686bba8ad2cb84d4} reduction in supply room inventory
  • Eliminates manual counting
  • Improves availability of supplies
  • Eliminates stock-outs
  • Eliminates inventory waste with right-size inventory
  • Reduces management costs

Automated Supply Management

  • OR supply room
  • Nursing supply storage room
  • Pharmacy

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LogiTag RFID patent protected solutions are installed at dozens of facilities around the world including USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

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