Supply Management in Hospital

Your hospital is about to renew their Omnicell or Cardinal contract for medical supply management.

But, you want to make a REAL improvement and COST reduction in the way you acquire, manage, dispense, and deliver medical device and supplies.

Consider the effective route with LogiTag's RFID Cloud-Based Solution Suite - for Increased Savings & Improved Charge Capture.

eye cabinet small4 1 - Supply Management in HospitalLogiTag's offering:

  • Fully Automated RFID cloud-based supply solution

LogiTag solution suite enables a complete shift from human control to fully automated RFID cloud base & mobile solutions. SmartCabinet, Virtual Management, and LogiTag Mobile provide information on which medical device was taken, by whom, and for which procedure. This leads to dramatic changes and ultimately increased revenue and reduce costs!

Customers Testify 

  • Over 98{bc6e55e4b0bffbcf4761d2a6a971db6fee002bd763d84d2a686bba8ad2cb84d4} charge capture accuracy

LogiTag's cloud server solution records which medical item was used for a specific procedure, the information is accessible by the hospital's ERP/Finance department, and patient billing is made accurately and easily.

The data can also be used for important efficiency analysis and improved purchasing decisions. The hospital can now decide which departments use specific devices, how frequently, and order them accordingly - or even buy under consignment.

Customers Testify

SmartCabinet slider - Supply Management in Hospital
  • 30{bc6e55e4b0bffbcf4761d2a6a971db6fee002bd763d84d2a686bba8ad2cb84d4} - 40{bc6e55e4b0bffbcf4761d2a6a971db6fee002bd763d84d2a686bba8ad2cb84d4} one-time inventory reduction

LogiTag conducted several research with customers moving from PAR to Automated Kanban  - ReStock Tag. It has also conducted studies on migrations from traditional supply management solutions to LogiTag's Smart cabinet. The results clearly demonstrate an initial one-time reduction of at least 30{bc6e55e4b0bffbcf4761d2a6a971db6fee002bd763d84d2a686bba8ad2cb84d4} of inventory (for both low-cost supplies, and high-cost devices). This sums up to hundreds of thousands of saved dollars right from the first couple of months.

ReStock Tag Small 1 - Supply Management in Hospital

  • 0 expired items

The solution alert materials managers which items are about to expire, and should be used first by the medical staff. This can be accessible by mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops), from anywhere (inside/out of the hospital), at any time as it happens. Staff no longer need to worry about discovering expired medical devices during critical procedures, or losses due to unused (but all paid for) stocks.

Customer Testify

  • 35{bc6e55e4b0bffbcf4761d2a6a971db6fee002bd763d84d2a686bba8ad2cb84d4} reduction Materials Managers and Nurse labor cost

Once the entire inventory management is automated, Nurses do not worry about recording usage or transactions, send new order requests or review invoices. Materials Managers do not need to make ongoing counting rounds, urgent re-fill trips, or check for accuracy. The automated solutions provide full data about stock levels, missing items, devices about to expire...etc, and saves a lot of time that can now be spent on patients.

Where do LogiTag's customers use our inventory management solutions:

Inside the Operating Room, Cath-Lab, EP Lab, Central and local supply rooms, Ophthalmology, Surgical Centers, Orthopedics

Which supplies does LogiTag's customer manage automatically:

All high  - mid - low-cost medical supplies. This can include special kits, catheters, stents, pacemakers, defibrillators, sutures, pads, gloves, needles and more,

Who else is using LogiTag's product line

Leading medical vendors, logistics companies

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