Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Proactive notification to alert temperature and humidity deviation of medications, vaccines, blood, food or operating rooms

Temperature Monitoring - Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

temperature monitoring - Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

The Healthcare Benefits

  • Eliminate spoilage of medication, food, blood, and tissue bank
  • Ensure patient safety during medical procedures
  • Guarantee industry standards
  • Enable regulation compliance

Monitoring temperatures and humidity levels are highly critical throughout the hospital. This includes the ORsrefrigeration roomspharmacy & laboratories, and sterile storage rooms. In fact, maintaining temperatures will reduce infections and eliminate all kinds of contaminations.

One degree deviation can mean hundreds of dollars in financial loss, and even put patients at risk.

temperature monitoring lab - Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

LogiTrack's Temperature & Humidity monitoring tools detect any deviation from the original set-up. It then immediately alerts relevant staff of the deviation in various manners: alarms, phone messages, pages, emails...etc. Accessible from any place, nurses, security staff, material managers, doctors, OR managers, or top management can access reports and view the entire facility's temperature or humidity levels.

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