Tnuva selects LogiTag

Tnuva selects LogiTag to improve product quality during production process
The challenge
Tnuva is a $1 billion food conglomerate, providing leading dairy, cheese, produce, and other food products to consumers in Israel, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. The manufacturing plant was working under high standards of taste and product quality, in a competitive environment, and had to ensure their production line, specifically cheese manufacturing, goes through precise and delicate procedures. This meant the cheese had to stay in the certain water, have added ingredients, be cooled, packaged at exact timelines. If the smallest change in the process was made, the produce would no longer be marketed. To control and manage the process, Tnuva employed personnel who were in charge of doing everything manually – write on boards, watch the clock, move the product down the line. This system was prone to human errors which needed to be eliminated.
The mission
Provide a sophisticated RFID system to improve quality control, and enable product traceability during production at one of Tnuva’s dairy-processing facilities in Israel. The system was required to operate in an environment with a lot of metal and under extreme conditions (high temperatures, high humidity, wet surfaces, and acidic liquids).
The process
As part of Tnuva’s overall QA process, LogiTag’s RFID-based tracking solution traced the location of each product and the amount of time it spent in each phase. For example, one salted cheese need to stay in the salted water for several hours (exactly) - not a minute more or less, otherwise the taste and structure would be damaged. To comply with all Tnuva’s project requirements, LogiTag integrated both active and passive RFID technological solutions, all managed under the LogiPlatform server, to deliver real-time information to QA and production personnel throughout the plant. The personnel no longer needed to worry if the products went through the correct process, and at the correct times. Now they are simply notified through the automated system. Management has also benefited from LogiPlatfom cloud server. The reports contain real-time information, which is custom made to their specific needs, and enable an overview of the production state. This project represented an ongoing collaboration between Tnuva and LogiTag.
The results:
  • Annual savings of up to $500,000 through reduced QA costs and product losses during production.
  • The ability to know, in real time, about events taking place on the dairy production lines.
  • A highly scalable system that will grow as the company’s needs grow or change.
The system, already installed and operates successfully for several years, enables Tnuva to automate their unique product line. Tnuva can now: increase efficiency, ensure its customer’s safety and satisfaction, maintain their valued brand name, and meet industry regulations.

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