Virtual Management

Enjoy the benefits of RFID at any settings or existing storage space and solutions, to manage medical device in the OR

•Remote, real-time monitoring capabilities

•Accurate patient billing and charge capture

•Eliminated expired or missing items

Virtual Management Graph - Virtual Management


RFID labels are placed on each medical device right at the vendor’s warehouse, tagging the items’ location and status. Upon arrival to the hospital’s central storage, the items are “enrolled”, and the information is communicated to the LogiPlatform cloud server. The advanced cloud-based software gives the entire supply chain – materials management, OR staff, vendors, logistics – an accurate view of inventory levels, consumption, and expiration dates. Detailed and sortable reports accessible from any web-enabled device itemize product, status (expired or about to expire), procedure, user, distributor, invoice, and more – giving materials management teams and others access to real-time information to adjust inventory levels and better manage costs.


Operating Rooms, Cath-Labs, ER, Eye Clinics, Interventional radiology lab, pharmacy, medical supply room and central storage, and other departments where efficient stock management is critical.


•Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processes

•Enables charge capture and consigned inventory

•Reduce wastes, expired items, or stock-outs

•Produces accurate inventory records in real time

•Increases efficiencies and improves processes

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