Transforming the
Healthcare Supply Chain
Through Machine Learning,
Artificial Intelligence and IoT

Digital solutions for managing implants,
medications and supplies in surgical environments
nurse - Digital solutions for managing the healthcare supply chain
Patient-Centric Organizations

Patient-Centric Organizations

Mfg ID numbers, expiration dates and other pertinent device data can now be automatically stored in electronic patient records.

Quicker Insurance Reimbursement

Quicker Insurance Reimbursement

Real-time, point-of-use charge capture and full integration with existing billing, purchasing and patient records systems.

Compliments Existing Systems

Compliments Existing Systems

Seamless integration with existing infrastructure, clinical software applications and ERP system complete the final step to full organizational interconnectivity.

100% Inventory Tracking

100% Inventory Tracking

With a master item database of over 700K manufacturer's catalog numbers and Snap & Go OCR technology, even non-barcode-able devices and supplies can be tracked.

Innovative Products

Innovative Products

LogiTag’s suite of OCR, RFID and IoT products offer one complete, interconnected management solution.

Full Consignment

Full Consignment

Is finally possible with LogiTag’s instant notification of item consumption to all supply chain stake holders.

999 %
Stock Reduction

Eliminate stock-outs and expirations

999 %

within less than one year

999 %
Charge Capture

from day one

$ 999

Typical annual savings in Cath labs

Hours saved

in material mgmt. and nursing staff

Why LogiTag

LogiTag creates a common platform between hospital teams and suppliers for autonomous, transparent, efficient supply chain management that puts patients first.

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Management software powered by artificial intelligence

Drawing on extensive knowledge and deep understanding of RFID, software apps, hospital operations and logistics, to developed comprehensive hardware/software suites that integrate smoothly into lean manufacturing and hospital operations.

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U.S. FDA Unique Device Identification UDI Regulation 3 - Digital solutions for managing the healthcare supply chain

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