OEM Solutions and Services

Manufacturers spend valuable resources designing devices and consumables that work flawlessly together. Once shipped, however, manufacturers lose control over how consumables are used. End-users, both knowingly and unknowingly, compromise product reliability and jeopardize manufacturers’ recurring revenue streams and cost structures through the unauthorized use of consumables, or the improper use of authorized consumables.

With LogiTag-Inside

you can rest assured that

your devices are performing at their peak

prevents the overuse

of consumables beyond manufacturer’s recommended reuse protocols

prevents Incorrect use

of consumables by automatically identifying consumable type

prevents device malfunctions

resulting from non-original consumables


Enjoy the benefits of highly advanced technology at a low cost-of-ownership

  • Short time to market
  • Freedom to focus on your core technology and business
  • Reduced production costs
  • Increased revenue potential arising from the effective monitoring of inventory and the opportunities to make pro-active suggestions to customers

3D and Industrial Printers

3D and industrial printer manufacturers rely on original consumable containers to ensure print quality, as well as ongoing revenue streams. LogiTag provide engineering services for integrating the reader into the printer machine and for choosing the best encryption technology to protect containers. As well as choosing and testing RFID encrypted tags for optimal performance with any printer machine.

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From the design board through to full integration into your manufacturing system: a complete OEM solution!

With our full range of LF, HF, UHF RFID components, including advanced controllers, we can provide our customers with the optimal cost-effective solutions.

LogiTag engineering capabilities include: antenna design, reader development and the unique application of RFID tag development and manufacturing.

Services include

  1. Characterization of the RFID technology best suited to your equipment
  2. Choosing and testing RFID products for optimal performance
  3. Engineering services for integrating the technology into existing systems and choosing the best encryption technology to protect consumables
  4. Design and supply of enrollment stations for the embedding of RFID tags on the consumable production line
  5. Supply of RFID kits for assembly in your machines
  6. Expert, experienced LogiTag support from beginning to end.
  7. If necessary, support through the regulatory approvals process (UL, CE, FCC and Medical Safety)

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