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LogiTag offers healthcare organizations and medical vendors a comprehensive ecosystem developed specifically for their industry.

LogiTag suites autonomously manage inventory, connect hospitals to their vendors (for 100% consignment) and enable timely, accurate purchasing and billing practices. With LogiTag, medical institutions save time, labor and costs, but most importantly, better serve their patients.

LogiTag’s founders drew on their extensive knowledge and deep understanding of RFID, software development, and the medical industry’s operations and logistics to develop comprehensive hardware/software suites that integrate smoothly into existing lean manufacturing and operations practices.

Digital Health First

Today, LogiTag Medical focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry, where it has amassed intimate understanding of the unique challenges this sector faces. Always on top of new technology breakthroughs, the Company is now adopting Machine learning and Optical Image recognition technology to propel healthcare management systems toward even greater organizational efficiencies.

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LogiTag's Ecosystem World-Wide

Over 530 healthcare units and vendor logistic centers in North America, Europe and the Middle East are currently using LogiTag solutions.

LogiTag is in daily use in ORs, cath-labs, other interventional rooms, and in on-site store rooms.
More than 640,000 items with a value of over $300M are managed by nearly 2600 active users every day.

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